A mobile app is incomplete without some top-notch features. To make the app user-friendly and seamless, you must integrate features for easy service booking, live tracking, secured payments, and more. Unquestionably, it will take an incredible amount of time and effort to think of the right features for your app. Well, the Gojek Clone App KINGX PRO 2023 simplifies the job for you.

How? The on-demand multi-service app integrates a gazillion different features that will make your app run smoothly and also delivers 100% user satisfaction.

Awesome KINGX PRO 2023 App Features

Listed here are the many on-demand multi-service apps features that you can integrate and offer your customers the best experience.

Live location tracking

Your users can track the location of the taxi or delivery driver and also the service provider on the map.

Real-time location is tracked on the map. Additionally, the user can also see the estimated time of arrival and which route the provider is taking.

Gift cards

Gojek Clone App KINGX PRO 2023 now allows users to send/receive gift cards. To send a special gift card, the user can choose the theme of the card like “Happy Anniversary”, “Merry Christmas”, etc.

Now, they need to select the amount they wish to send and move on to the payment page. Before making the payment, the user can take a preview of the card as well.

The recipient receives the gift card in their email inbox. Using the given code on the card, the recipient can redeem the gift card amount on the app.

Featured listing

Another stupendous feature of this super app is the “Featured” listing.

Well, any user who wants to sell a property, car, or other general items can post the listing on the app. There will be hundreds and thousands of such listings, making it difficult to find visibility on the app.

Thus, to get their ad displayed on top of all the other listings, the user can buy a paid plan. As soon as they purchase the plan, their listing will get the ribboned tag called ‘Featured’.

This way, the seller can get more leads and visibility among the other listings.

Login with biometric authentication

Any user who wants to log into their Gojek Clone App KINGX PRO 2023 account can do so using their Fingerprint or Face ID.

The biometric authentication system eliminates the need of entering usernames and passwords.

In brief, the user need not remember or enter the credentials every time they wish to log in and book a service on the app.

In-app calls

In-app calling is a basic but crucial feature of an on-demand service app. The VOIP-based calling feature enables the user and providers to call each other without revealing their personal numbers.

Moreover, with this feature, they can dial an over the internet call and save paying standard calling charges to their telecom provider.

Voice note instructions

Voice instructions are better than written ones. Won’t you agree too?

Well, with the Gojek Clone App KINGX PRO 2023, your customers can easily record and upload voice instructions for taxi or delivery drivers online.

Drivers can then listen to the voice notes and deliver the parcel or reach the location easily.

OTP verification

OTP is a four-digit code that is sent to the user’s registered mobile number when they book a service.

For instance, a user books a parcel delivery service. Now, they will receive the OTP on their mobile number.

To begin the task, the parcel delivery driver needs to enter the OTP. Similarly, the recipient will also need to tell the code they receive on their phone number in order to receive the parcel.

Thus, this feature is essential to start a task!

In Conclusion:

Now that you have read about the top features of Gojek Clone App KINGX PRO 2023, why not integrate them into your app?

To make things easier for you, you can simply get the pre-built solution that already has all these features integrated into the system.

Therefore, without much struggle, you can launch a perfect and fully-functional multi-service app in just one to two weeks.